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Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in our adoption process. We require all prospective adopters to complete an application which gives us much needed information for matching dogs with families. We ask for personal references and a vet reference as well. We also require that all adults in the adoptive family read at least one informative book about retired racing greyhounds. There are a couple of books listed on the cover page of our application. Also, homes with younger children will need to read the child-proofing book listed. Our adoption fee is $250.00 which almost covers the medical expenses for your new friend.

Once we receive the completed application one of our adoption coordinators will check with the references listed. Please notify your veterinarian that we will be calling and give them permission to answer our questions. Questions we normally ask concern keeping vaccinations up-to-date and the purchase and administration of heartworm prevention.

After checking references we will make an appointment to bring a greyhound to your home. This gives us an opportunity to alert you to situations which could prove harmful to a greyhound such as sharp objects in the yard, etc. We also observe the family's interaction with the dog including other animals living in the home. This may take up to three weeks to complete. Most of us work to feed our dogs and perform this labor of love in our spare time.

All of the above are used by the adoption coordinator to give you a selection of dogs that should be comfortable in your home. If this group doesn't present you with a dog that steals your heart, we can go to our farms which are usually holding fifty to a hundred dogs at any time just waiting to come in. If you see a gorgeous dog on our webpage that we don't offer to you, it usually means it isn't suitable for your home.

Once we have determined the lucky greyhound we schedule the adoption, YEAH! Your new companion will be spayed or neutered, current on vaccinations, free of intestinal parasites and heartworms and have clean teeth. We will also provide you with a matching martingale collar and lead. Welcome to the world of greyhounds!

Please click here to view and print our current adoption application.

Halfway Home Greyhound Adoption is a 501(c)(3) NON-profit organization EIN 04-3734379

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