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Back Is Better
Pewter Statue. YES – it is finally here, probably the most requested pose of all time. Call it “roaching” or whatever you like, but definitely “back is better”. The most renowned position of comfort of all time and all animals. Solid pewter, measuring 3½” long and 1½” high.

Pewter Statue. Another new pewter design. 5" long x 2". Another Terry Lerner design, fashioned after the sculpture.

Pewter Statue. Just resting in a usual fashion at 3"L. Again, signed by Terry so you know you have the real collectible.

Me and My Teddy
3½" x 1" Pewter Statue. Another request fulfilled. The greys like to lie with their maximum length in full glory. Legs tucked to either side, and one can’t forget its stuffed teddy? Solid pewter, Measuring 3½” long and 1” high. The pièce de résistance for your curio cabinet.

Pewter Statue. Just what everyone has been asking about. Terry Lerner really captured the play or bowing position to a charm. 3 ¾" long x 2" high.

Pewter Statue. Such fine detail, such wonderful craftsmanship. This sitting position shows it all at 1 ¾"H x 3"L.

Sitting Up
Pewter Statue. Fashioned after the larger version "Tattered Teddy" in sculpture. This is a most handsome pewter design. Sitting at 2½" tall.

Pewter Statue. Now you can have just the pewter statues all alone for your collection. Measures 3"x2".

Pewter Statue. A 2 1/2" tall by 4" long standing greyhound. Elegant in its simplicity. Made from lead-free pewter in the USA.

Two Curled
Pewter Statue. More like Italian Greyhounds than the big guys. A sleeping position of 2 curled greys fashioned after a picture of a friend's 2 dogs sharing their bed together. One of our heaviest pieces made in pewter. Still a Terry Lerner master. 3" x 2"

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